Name: Chrissy (Schilmiller) Doughty

Family: My husband Chris

Favorite Mary Kay Memory:  the day my starter kit came

People Would Be Surprised That I: had a huge fear of talking in front
of a group of people.  It was so bad, I would be sick to my stomach
when I knew I had to do it.  (when I first started MK)

My Best Asset: When I set my mind to do something, I do it!

To Unwind, I:  sit back with a good movie or book

When I’m Worried, I:  call my sister or a good friend

My Favorite City:  Dallas... never been, but I have wanted to go since
I was little.  I will be going this summer thanks to Mary Kay!

Favorite Vacation Destination: Vegas to see all the sights.  We
haven't taken many vacations, but I will go here in the next 5 years!!

All-Time Favorite Movie:  Man In the Moon... proof you never know
what life holds for you.  (the one with Reese Witherspoon when she
was little)

I Am Currently Reading:  The Last Song... Nicholas Sparks

Best Book I Ever Read:  My Sisters Keeper... I cry every time

My Favorite Meal:  Steak, mushrooms, and baked potato

I Usually Order:  Steak, chicken, or fish... always mushrooms!

My Favorite Time of Day:  morning when the sun is coming up and
the birds are chirping... it makes me feel like I'm starting over from

Hobbies:  reading, talking, Facebooking

I Collect:  Junk... I'm getting better about this, but I'm always buying
stuff I use a few times then it just takes up space.

If I Could Sing, I’d Sing Like:  Faith Hill

I Am Motivated By:  Prizes... big and small!

My Trademark Cliche/Expression:  seriously???

Best Advice I Ever Got:  Everyone has fear, just work through it!

Advice I’d Give a New Recruit:  Do whatever your director tells you!
She did, and look where she is at now!

My Mary Kay Role Model Is:  Barbara Henney

I Describe Our Company As: a great inspiration for all women!  
Great way to get over your fears.

My Mary Kay Seminar Goal Is: my malibu!